Heston Church St Leonard's

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Parish of Heston - St Leonard's Church, Heston


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Thanks to Chris Yorke for the Lent 2015 edition of connections, which can be downloaded here.

Summer '14 can be downloaded here
Christmas '13 can be downloaded here
Advent '13 can be downloaded here
Harvest '13 can be downloaded here
Easter '13 can be downloaded here.
Christmas '12 can be downloaded here
Advent '12 can be downloaded here.
Harvest '12 can be downloaded here.
Christmas '11 can be downloaded here.
Advent '11 edition can be downloaded here.
Harvest '11 edition can be downloaded here.
Easter '11 edition can be downloaded here.
Christmas '10 edition can be downloaded here.
Summer '10 edition can be downloaded here.
Spring '10 edition can be downloaded here.
Autumn '09 edition can be downloaded here.

If you would like to contribute to future editions please email the parish office or the webmaster. 


Fund Raising

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An easy way to raise funds

Turn your online shopping into donations for St Leonard's Church - Heston!

Do you shop online? Did you know that every time you buy something you could be raising money for St Leonard's Church - Heston?

That's right, over 2,700 well known retailers, including Amazon, John Lewis, eBay and Tesco will donate a small percentage of what you spend to St Leonard's Church - Heston to say thank you for shopping with them.

It's a really simple process, all you have to do is:

·         Register at www.easyfundraising.org.uk

·         When you're asked to choose your cause, select St Leonard's Church - Heston.

·         Get shopping - it couldn't be easier!

Easyfundraising has already raised over £5 million for over 50,000 good causes across the UK. So what are you waiting for? Head to www.easyfundraising.org.uk to fundraise for St Leonard's Church - Heston now. Already registered? Spread the word to family and friends to let them know just how easy it is!


Get more donations with the Find & Remind toolbar!

When you're doing your shopping online it can be easy to forget to visit easyfundraising.org.uk before you shop.

Well, here's some great news...you can install the Find & Remind toolbar to ensure you don't miss out on valuable donations for St Leonard's Church - Heston!


The Find & Remind toolbar works by showing you a little reminder every time a donation is available when you're shopping online. It's completely safe and secure, has no adverts and it's free to download and use. People who have downloaded it raise 5 times more as they never miss out on valuable donations!

All you need to do is click here for more information and to install the Find & Remind toolbar.

Please use the links as every little helps.

We are also hoping to have a Just Giving site soon where you'll be able to donate directly to the church.

Get Involved

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Proposed school in Norwood Green

If you would like to know more information and how you can help, then please look here...


Church Grounds Maintenance

Every first Saturday of a month at 10:00 am for 2 hours. It will involve maintaining the Garden of Remembrance and the old churchyard, with a break for coffee and cake. Everyone is welcome!

St Leonard’s Bell Ringers

When the bells were first hung at Heston, it was a ring of 6, mounted on plain bearings in a wooden frame. In 1856, these bells were recast. In 1908, two trebles were added, to make it a ring of 8 and to complete the octave. At some time during the early 1930s, the wooden frame was replaced by a metal one and the plain bearings were replaced by ball bearings. No other major work was carried out on the bells themselves until 1986, when it was decided that a crack in one of the cannons on the Forth warranted the attention of a bell foundry. When the bells were re-hung, the Second was chosen in honour of the 1st/2nd Heston Scouts, who had raised a substantial amount of money for the bell restoration.

St Leonard’s Sunday School

St Leonard's has a thriving Sunday School and all children are welcome at 10 o'clock on a Sunday.


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Parish of  St. Leonard, Heston.

8th February 2015

Second Sunday Before Lent

I came across a short article recently which was entitled, "The Parables Jesus did not tell." It was an interesting article and he was making the argument for good stories in sermons. He told one such story which he called The Parable of the Pencil.

A man started a business making pencils and the first pencil he produced he took in his hand and admired it, and then said to the pencil, "I want you to remember four things."

First your goodness or true worth is within you.

Secondly, you'll need to be sharpened as you go through life.

Thirdly, you'll be in someone else's hand, otherwise you'll make an awful mess.

Fourthly, you'll be expected to leave a mark.

It seems to me to be a very true assessment of human beings created by God as we are. God ensures that our goodness or true worth is within us. The experiences of life most certainly sharpen us. We are in God's hand from birth to death, if we allow him to use us for his good purposes he can do many wonderful things with us. As we make our journey through life we all make our mark.

It seems to me that the parable of the pencil may well be a parable that Jesus did not tell, but I am sure that it is one that he would have endorsed. Rev. Ron Crankshaw [First published 2003 ]


Contacts During Interregnum:

 Parish Office: (Weekdays 9.30 -12.30) 0208 570 2288

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Service Times This Week


Thu 12th      No Service



During the interregnum the Sunday Services will continue as usual, there will be no Wednesday Evening Services and Thursday 11.00 am services will be subject to available priests.


100 Club

Thank you to all those who supported the ‘100’ club last year and made it such a successful fundraiser. It is now time to renew your membership for 2015 so please let me have your payment of £15.00 (cheques made payable to Heston PCC) as soon as possible.  You can purchase additional numbers if you wish. You will keep the same numbers as last year.

For new members of the church, membership consists of one payment of £15.00 for the year for each number you wish to purchase. This number(s) will be entered in 4 draws a year at Easter, Summer Fair, Harvest and Christmas, with prizes each draw of £50, £30, £15 and £5. 

If you would like to join please obtain a form from Vera Sewell.


 Tuesday Social – 17th February 2.00 pm

As it is Shrove Tuesday pancakes with lemon will be served. The 
cost of entry is £2 and everybody is invited.  

We hope to be able to make this a regular monthly occasion so your support and ideas for the future would be appreciated.


Are You On The Electoral Roll?

The annual revision of the Electoral Roll will take place between the 1st March and 8th March 2015, after which date applications cannot be accepted prior to the APCM.  The forms give details of eligibility.  If you would like to complete a form of application for enrolment, please see the duty Warden, Mrs Vera Sewell. Forms can also be obtained from Sue in the Parish Office.      

Vera Sewell – Electoral Roll Officer



Please would all those responsible for reports make sure that they are sent to the parish office no later than 20th February.


PCC Meeting 10th February 7.30pm

The PCC will be meeting with Stephan Welch, our Archdeacon, to discuss the way forward for St Leonards now that Fr David has retired and we are in Interregnum.  All PCC members should make a special effort to attend.

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